SNSF Corona Research Conference: exchange between social and biomedical sciences

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The aim of the SNSF Corona Research Conference is to provide an update and exchange of knowledge between the biomedical and social sciences and other disciplines. The conference will take place from 21–23 March 2023 in Thun.

Researchers from different disciplines will meet at the SNSF Corona Research Conference from 21–23 March 2023 at Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Thun. The challenges and "lessons learned" of the Covid-19 pandemic will be discussed from biomedical sciences, social sciences and humanities perspectives. The interdisciplinary exchange will bring together the research groups of NRP 80 "Covid-19 in Society", NRP 78 "Covid-19", the SNSF Special Call on Coronaviruses as well as research groups from Innosuisse, the SNSF and EU-associated Corona research projects. A total of around 100 research groups will attend the conference.

NRP 80 Kick-off Meeting

The conference will mark the kick-off meeting of NRP 80. For the first time, the 25 research teams will meet to exchange information about their research projects. The three-day programme includes various formats – such as thematic discussion rounds and world cafés – in which the research projects are presented, knowledge is exchanged and possible synergies are discovered.